Vidya Shares Her ‘Bhang’ Moment

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Mumbai: Actor Vidya Balan’s favourite Holi memory has to do with ‘bhang’ and its side effects. The Shaadi Ke Side Effects star recounted her Holi memory in a statement, saying:

“(My best memory is) Having bhang without knowing it was bhang and then laughing all day. This was I think when I was 16.”

Vidya, who loves Rang Barse as the quintessential Holi song and enjoys gorging on Indian sweet Imarti on the festival of colours, makes sure she takes care of her hair and skin for the occasion.

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“By saying bura naa maano holi hai, people have always grabbed the opportunity to drench you in colours. While I absolutely love the festival, one has to be extremely careful of the quality of colours used as it can adversely affect hair and skin.”

“The only way that I escape from the after effects of Holi is by massaging a good amount of coconut oil on my hair and skin before I step out to play. This has been my saviour since childhood,” said the National Award winning actor.