This Video Will Make You Go Aww ; Anushka -Kohli Ad


Mumbai: The adorable couple are seen in a new advertisement video for clothing brands Manyavar and Mohey and it’s so sweet, we are sure ‘Virushkians’ are bound to swoon.
While the images of the two from the ad were already all over the internet, the actual video was released on Friday.

In the video, the actor and the cricketer are seen attending a wedding and wondering what vows the bride and the groom are making to each other. Their chemistry is of course brilliant even though Virat does seem to be controlling really hard to keep a straight face towards the end.

The ones they come up with are cute, funny and heart-warmingly romantic in equal measure. From Virat cooking 15 days a month to Anushka agreeing to eat it without complaining about it; she promises to keep all his passwords protected and he promises to not watch any season finale of any show without her, which is really rare, you guys.

He also promises to keep fit for her when he holds his face like a baby and tells him that he doesn’t need to. Virat then, in all seriousness, promises to take care of her and after a lot of blushing and suppressed laughter, she says she will too.

This is, however, not the first time they have appeared in an advertisement together. They were also brand ambassadors for a Clear shampoo which is when they are said to have met and fallen for each other.