Video of 5 Year-Old Boy Playing U-14 Match Goes Viral


New Delhi: Sachin Tendulkar was 16 year old when he hit Pakistan’s legendary spinner Abdul Qadir for four sixes off in one over during an exhibition match in 1989 which announced the then teenaged star’s arrival in international cricket.

The new cricket sensation from Delhi, who’s barely taller than stumps, Rudra Pratap, is just 5-year-old and is seen playing with Under-14 Delhi side.

In a video that went viral on social media, Rudra Pratap can be seen playing comfortably against his teenage opponents. He arrives in the middle after the fall of a wicket, takes guard and flicks the ball towards the fine leg.

The video, posted on YouTube two years ago, has gone viral with people from all over the country praising this little talent.

Rudra Pratap is seen padded up in full cricket gear and showing off his cricket talent. The boy, who is just a tad bit taller than the stumps is seen playing like a true professional.

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