Vicky Malhotra Likely to Take Over Rajan’s Empire


NEW DELHI: Underworld don Chhota Rajan’s trusted aide Vicky Malhotra could be taking over Rajan’s business. Going by Malhotra’s movements in recent months, it would appear that he is now looking to carve a niche for himself, agencies tracking him feel.

Malhotra has been Rajan’s closest associate who has been with him for the last two decades through thick and thin. Malhotra’s loyalties did not waver even when the don split with confidantes like Ravi Pujari and Santosh Shetty after the Bangkok attack on him in 2000. Malhotra was last arrested from outside Ashoka Hotel in Delhi in 2005 but jumped bail in 2010.

He is since learnt to be juggling between Dubai and Africa. Interestingly, Africa is a relatively new hunting ground for Dawood who now also dabbles in blood diamonds. Now, it is believed that Rajan got in touch with Malhotra and persuaded him to take over in the wake of “extremely hostile circumstances”.

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