VHPA Supports Barring Of Menstruating Women’s Entry Into Sabarimala


Kolkata: Criticising the maltreatment on Hindu pilgrims in Kerala, The World Hiindu Council of America has firmly supported barring of women access into Sabarimala temple.

On Monday, only one woman attempted to enter Sabarimala. Anju, in her late 20s, arrived at Pamba with her husband and two children in a bid to go to Sabarimala, becoming the first woman in the 10-50 age group to attempt to climb the hill shrine after the temple opened for ‘Chithira atta vishesham’ ritual.

In a PIL that has filed in Supreme Court did not give importance to Kerala Hindu Places of Public Worship (Authorization of Entry) Rules, 1965. According to the law it has excluded women from the Sabarimala temple.

On 28 September 2018, Justice Indu Malhotra, on a five-judge constitutional bench in the Supreme Court dissented with the 4:1 majority verdict that declared the practice of barring entry for women in the Sabarimala temple between the ages of 10 and 50 unconstitutional. Menstruating women’s entry have been prohibited in the present rules.