VHP Holds Janmashtami Procession Across The City


Kolkata: On the occasion of Janmasthami the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) holds procession across the city. Along with the VHP party several other Hindu organizations also participated in the Janmashtami procession. Apart from this, the members of ancient traditional organization ‘Gauriyon Math’ was also precent. The rally was held in the morning, lord Krishna walked the street but without his ‘Sudarshan chakra’ confirmed all the organizations.

For some people, Janmashtami is the festival of love and for some it is lord Krishna’s birthday. Some where even prepared to present political messages in the occasion of this festival. However, whatever the purpose may be, there were hundreds and thousands of people on the street celebrating the pious Janmashtami festival throughout the state and in the city on Sunday.

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In 1918, in a rented house in the adjoining area of Bagbazar the ‘Gauriyon Math’ was established. Since 1919, this traditional Math has been celebrating Janmashastmi, the birth of Lord Krishna. In 1930 the ‘Natya Mandir’ ( Temple) and the‘Math’(monastery) was established on the area – 16/A Kaliprasad Chakraborty Street (Bagbazar). Prime Minister Narendra Modi was present on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Gauriyon Math.

According to the Hindu calendar, Janmashtami is celebrated on the birthday of lord Krishna but Gauriyon Math celebrates Janmashtami a day after the Lord’s birth.

Therefore, this year it will be celebrated on both consecutive days Sunday and Monday.
This year Janmashtami and the VHP foundation day were celebrated together as both the days dates collided with each other.

So beside celebrating the pious festival, Janmashtami’s procession is also a combination of Hindus joining together that also shows strength, thinks VHP’s secretary of the Eastern Region, VHP organized procession in various places in Kolkata.