Veteran leaders are still important: Mukul

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Kolkata: “Did putting forward Rahul reduce the role of Ahmed Patel in Congress?” asked Mukul Roy on Thursday during an informal meeting. Through this undeniable argument Mukul made his stand clear that although Abhishek the nephew of CM Mamata Banerjee became the new leading face in TMC, Mukul’s prominence has not been reduced in any way in the party.

Relations turned bitter between Trinamool and Mukul after he has been grilled by the CBI at CGO Complex. The exposure of Abhishek in the party has also served fuel to the fire, speculations ran high about Mamata-Mukul relation being on the verge of collapse. Again, the installation of Subrata Bakshi was seen by many to be a way to reign Mukul.

During the meeting, Mukul made it clear by putting forward the example of Sonia and Rahul that he is unwilling to spare an inch, and is still a key figure in the party. Although new faces are rising up, the value of veteran leaders are still important in the party.