‘Versatile’ Anushka drew funny sketch of Virat


Mumbai:  There is no doubt actors Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma are versatile, talented individuals. However, their many skills don’t include drawing and/or sketching. The two recently attended a sports talk show to promote their upcoming film, Bombay Velvet and sketched their favourite Royal Challengers Bangalore player.

No prize for guessing that Sharma attempted a sketch of her boyfriend. However, surprisingly Kapoor too drew a picture of Virat Kohli. The sketches didn’t mirror Kohli at all. Take a look at the drawings here.
Solaris ImagesSolaris Images

While Sharma’s Kohli sketch just had a round face peppered with black dots, which we are guessing is her drawing of Kohli’s beard and four tiny slanted triangles on top which obviously is Kohli’s trademark spiky hairstyle.
Kapoor, however, was slightly better than Sharma. His drawing showed Kohli holding a cricket bat and wearing leg pads. He too tried to recreate Kohli’s spikey hairstyle and stubble.


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