3 held guilty in Rajib Das’ murder case


Barasat: Three culprits held guilty of the murder of Rajib Das. The case was moved at the Barasat Court today. The entire state as well as Rajib Das’ family looked up to the court for its verdict. The final judgement or the fate of these three criminals will be given out on Friday at 10.30 am. Today, Judge Prabin Kumar Mishra of Barasat District Court held the culprits guilty of murdering Rajib. The decision was taken within a mere span of 4 minutes. Mithun, Monojit and Biswanath were associated with this heinous crime of killing the brave heart.

Rajib was killed on February 14, 2011 trying to protect his sister from eve teasers.The barbaric incident shocked the society and left a permanent scar on the law and order condition of the state. However, Mamata Banerjee after winning the Bengal Polls offered Rajib’s sister a government job.

After the decision of was announced, Rajib Das’ father was caught in the camera of the reporters. Rajib’s father was seen completely broken down in the remembrance of his son. He even demanded a strong punishment for the culprits.