Venue of Kolkata International Film Festival


Kolkata: The 21st Kolkata International Film Festival has come up with bucket full of Indian and International films which has given an spirit of diverse film genre.
This year film festival has taken place at various places which portray this year 149 Films by 137 directors from 61 Countries will be screened at 12 Venues across the city over 8 days including 23 are Indian films. Here are some important events which you need to cultivate.
Nandan I :  15th November, Sunday : Citizen Kane, The Passion of Augustine, Manto.
16th November, Monday : The Idol, In The Room
17th November, Tuesday: The Italian Name , Ella
21st November, Saturday: A Mother
Nandan II:  17th November, Tuesday:  Houseful. This film is a tribte to late director Bappaditya Bandopadhyay
18th November, Wednesdays: Six Feet High
Nandan III: 15th November, Sunday: The Birth of Nation
Sisir Mancha: 15th November, Sunday: Pappu ki Pagdani,
Rabindra Sadan: 15th November, Sunday: The Strange Case of Angelica, The Wolves, Pagdi The Honour
16th November, Monday: Gebo and the Shadow, Shongram, Kolkatar King
17th November, Tuesday: Christopher Columbus – The Enigma, Banat
18th November, Wednesday: Eccentricities of a Blonde- haired Girl. This film is a tribute to director Manoel de Oliveira
Roxi:  15th November, Sunday: Nahid, An
16th November, Monday: Men and Chicken, Land and Shades
17th November, Tuesday: sleeping Giant, Lamb
20th November, Friday: Volcano, The Anarchists
21st November, Saturday: Underground Fragrance
Nazrul Tirtha:  16th November, Sunday: Ella, Ain
21st November, Saturday: 9 no Peara Bagan Lane, Kolkatar King
Navina:  Special screening for Arabian Nights : Volime I, II and III on 19th, 20th and 21th November.
Star Theater: 15th November: The General, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
16th November, Monday: Escape to Victory
Carnival Cinemas: 15th November: 28, my mother
19th November: Dirty Wolves
21st November: Ivy, Virgin Mountain