Vegetable Prices Hiked In Bengal After Farms Hit By Flood


Kolkata: With flood waters destroyed farmlands and disrupting supply chains in seven south Bengal districts for three days in a row, prices of vegetables have hiked. Tomatoes, which were selling for Rs 45 per kg in Kolkata markets earlier this month, Hiked to Rs 100 – an all-time high in recent months. So did green chili, which otherwise sold for no more than Rs 70 per kg till last week. other vegetables including baingan, chili prices hiked.

বন্যার জলের তলায় চাষের জমি, সবজির দাম বাড়ার আশঙ্কা

Huge short of vegetables in farm due to heavy flood hit in Bengal. Over 40 thousands hectre are still affected in Burdwan district.  Samsul Hwak said that Seven days ago the prices was fare but now it sky soared.The price of pumpkin which was 7 to 8 rupees per kg, it increased to 12-15 rupees per kg for the rain. Vegetables in Burdwan come from the districts of Hugali, Midnapur and Murshidabad

The consumers in Kolkata felt the pinch even as the government alleged that a section of traders hiked the prices, taking advantage of the floods. The police and market monitoring committees appointed by the government are keeping a close watch.

The flood casualty has been due to heavy rains lashing the state since Saturday last week and the water released from DVC barrages, a senior officer at the state secretariat said.

In the last 24 hours, over four lakh people in the state have been affected because of the inundation, while 2,301 people were evacuated and 2,02,957 hectares of agricultural land submerged, the official said. Around 7,868 houses were entirely destroyed and 44,361 houses partially damaged in the calamity, he said.

According to a senior official at the state agriculture department, over 69,391 hectares out of 2,74,174 hectares of agricultural land in the state where seedlings were planted went under the flood water. A total of 2,49,473 hectares out of 6,41,348 hectares of land where seeds were sowed were submerged.

The state government has started supplying dry food and water pouches to around 162 relief camps spread in 12 flood-affected districts of the state, the official added.

“The prices are on fire. Things will get worse in the coming weeks,” said a resident of north kolkata. “Prices will rise more since flood hit farms,” said a vegetable vendor. Price of vegetables such as parwal (striped gourd), ridge gourd and okra went up by at least Rs 10 at different markets in the last 24 days, shopkeepers said.