VC Of Rajpur-Sonarpur Municipality Removed Over Corruption Charges


Kolkata: Trinamool Congress on Saturday removed Shanta Sarkar, vice-chairman of Rajpur- Sonarpur municipality on charges of corruption and misbehaviour with other councillors and the public in general.

The decision was taken following the instructions of party supremo Mamata Banerjee. It may be recalled that Banerjee has communicated in very clear terms that the party will not tolerate corruption and misbehaviour by the people’s representatives. She has even asked those who have taken kickbacks from various government projects to return the money.

Party leaders said for quite some time there have been allegations of corruption against Sarkar. She had been cautioned by senior leaders as well. But those cautions had fallen on deaf ears and Sarkar continued with her style of functioning. The residents wrote letters to Mamata Banerjee informing her about her misbehaviour. Earlier, not only did she misbehave with those who went to see her in the municipality, but she also refused to address their issues.

Trinamool Congress started “Jansanyog Yatra” from Chandrakona Road in West Midnapore on Friday to renew contacts with the people. It was further alleged that Sarkar had tried to beat up a councillor inside the municipality. She misbehaved with the chairman and other senior TMC leaders too. Senior TMC leaders held a meeting and decided to remove her from the post of the vice-chairman. She has been informed about the decision. She will remain an ordinary councillor of the municipality.