Valentine’s Day Special Chat With Tollywood Actress Mousumi Debnath


Kolkata: Love is in the air. As it’s Valentine’s week. Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. It is a festival of romantic love and many people give cards, letters, flowers or presents to their spouse or partner. They may also arrange a romantic meal in a restaurant or night in a hotel. Common symbols of Valentine’s Day are hearts, red roses and Cupid.

Many people celebrate their love for their partner by sending cards or letters, giving gifts or flowers and arranging meals in restaurants or romantic nights in hotels. People who would like to have a romantic relationship with somebody may use the occasion to make this known, often anonymously. What Tollywood Actresses used to do for this special day?

Joydeep Chowdhury and Shubhayan Roy, staffer of, talked with famous Tollywood actress Mousumi Debnath, famous for Potol Kumar Gaanwala –

Kolkata24x7 : During this Valentine’s week started from 7th Feb, which day is more important to you?
Mousumi: Obviously 14th. I like being proposed in a unique way which is full of love.

Kolkata24x7: If your Teddy starts to talk, and ask you to have a wish, what do you like to wish?
Mousumi: Wanna change one incident of my Pasts.

Kolkata24x7: Have you ever practiced how to talk before the mirror like a ‘Practice’, for someone’s special ?
Mousumi: Yes, I did. Still I do with whom I have a crush.

Kolkata 24X7: From Childhood Infatuation to ‘Love’ & ‘Affection’ , Important for you?
Mousumi: Very difficult to say… Well, both are important to me, but I think there must be a personal space from the loved one.

Kolkata24x7: Which thing do you want to share with your life partner?
Mousumi: Wanna share myself …

Kolkata 24×7: ‘Dinner Date’ – with whom you like to go, except family members ?
Mousumi: Allu Arjun

Kolkata 24×7: If fire breaks out at your place, definitely you will save your pet and your Partner, but apart from them which thing do you like save ?
Mousumi: Lord Krishna Idol

Kolkata24x7: 5 essential qualities for a romantic partner
Mousumi: Must be Educated, Trustworthy, Honest, Lovable, Adventurous

Kolkata24x7: Do You Wish You Could Return to Moments From Your Past?
Mousumi: I wish, I could to correct some mistakes from past.

Kolkata24x7: Whom should you marry, who will love you more than his family or after family ?
Mousumi: First family, then me… will marry him

She concludes like this.