Uttam Award 15 for Sabyasachi, Paran and Dhritiman


Kolkata: There was a time when she was depicted as a despot by them. Now, those cynics are going to be felicitated by her. The Mahanayak Uttam Kumar Award 2015 will be given to ‘Feluda’ Sabyasachi Chakrabatry, ‘Pratidwandi’ Dhritiman Chatterjee and the evergreen Left minded Paran Banerjee. Is it a gimmick? May be. But,  it is to be noted that in the time of LF government, the titans like Shambhu Mitra was never honoured by the state government. If, the present CM chose the three renowed film actors only for populist purpose, it could not be ignored that she has a plentiful heart to give them the real honour. A day before the programme, it was the talk of the tinsel town.