Using ‘Human Shield’ Not To Be Made Standard Procedure: Gen Rawat


Hyderabad: Army Chief General Bipin Rawat on Saturday said the incident of a Kashmiri man being used as a ‘human shield’ against stone throwers was circumstances-based and could not be made a standard operating procedure to deal with such situations.

He also said “misinformation and disinformation” was being spread among the people of Jammu and Kashmir, compelling the younger generation to pick up arms against the security forces.

Commenting on Major Leetul Gogoi, who had tied the man to a jeep purportedly as a shield against stone throwers, General Rawat said, “Everything and every action that we take is considering the nature of task that we are expected to carry out under the circumstances.”

“But we are concerned about human rights and we make sure rights of people are not violated,” he told reporters on the sidelines of an event.

General Rawat was in Hyderabad as the chief guest at the combined graduation parade, marking the completion of the pre-commissioning training of Indian Air Force flight cadets at the Air Force Academy, Dundigal.

When asked whether it (human shield incident) could be made a standard operating procedure (SOP), the Army chief said, “No. It is not.What I am saying is it is not considered… I said it depends on the circumstances. It is circumstances-based. Each one takes action based on the circumstances, but the effort is to make sure that human rights violations are not there.”

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On handling the situation in Kashmir wherein some school children were also seen to be part of the mob hurling stones at the security forces, General Rawat said the Army follows very stringent rules of engagement in the Valley.

“They have been trained to handle such situations and when they find that there are children and women, who are coming in the front, they deal with them accordingly and harsh measures are never used. We are an Army which believes very strongly in human rights and we have a very good human rights record. We know how to deal with children and women under such circumstances,” he said.

When asked about some cases of even locals and minors picking up arms and attacking the Army and security personnel, General Rawat said, “There is some misinformation and disinformation which is being spread among the people of Jammu and Kashmir, which is causing this trouble and possibly, I would say, compelling some of the younger generation to pick up arms.”

All that the armed forces and other security forces want is peace and tranquillity in the Valley, General Rawat said, adding the security forces were doing a great job in bringing the Kashmir situation under control.