Use Cow Dung Instead Wood For Cremation, Says RSS Affiliate In Bengal


Kolkata: Gau Seva Parivar – an affiliate of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) – has approached the Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) to implement the use of cow dung cakes in funeral pyres instead of firewood at government crematoriums.

They claimed that cow dung cake emits fewer pollutants as compare to logs. “It also take less time to burn as compare to log because of less moisture. In cow dung cake the moisture is less than 5% but in firewood it is nearly 20%,” said GSP pracharak Lalit Agarwal.

The organization has already given a demonstration at Neemtala crematorium in front of KMC officials and they got a very good response.

They convinced the KMC officials that nearly 250 Kg of cow dung is required for cremation and equal amount (250 Kg) of logs for the same purpose – so better to use cow dung cake. “They were surprised to see our demonstration because cow dung is economical as compare to logs,” he said.

“We are happy that the KMC officials have appreciated our move. Now we are waiting for their permission so that we can start this eco-friendly initiative at the earliest. There are many benefits of using cow dung cake because it is economical, eco-friendly, emits less population, it will save deforestation and good for departed soul,” Agarwal said.

“Cow dung has a spiritual significance because earlier (especially in villages) floor used to be smeared with it (cow dung) before placing a body,” he said.

Once they will get the permission – the Gau Seva Parivar – have decided to purchase cow dung making machines for the easy availability of cakes for cremation. They have already roped in several gaushalas across the state to procure cow dung for the production of cakes in large numbers.

“We are thankful to Gau Mata for giving us so many product starting from medicines, drink to positive energy. Instead of doing politics we should work together for the dignity of cow,” Agarwal said.

Speaking to News18, Jishnu Basu, RSS’s General Secretary in South Bengal, said, “They are doing some remarkable work based on cow products. Ideally instead of cutting trees for firewood, it is always advisable to use cow dung cakes for crematorium. It will save lots if trees and will contribute in reducing global warming”.

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