US To Train 2 Indian Officers In Investigating Terror Attacks


New Delhi: In another step towards working with India on fighting terror, the US will be training two Indian officers in anti-terror measures.

The US Embassy has asked the Union Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) to nominate two officers for training in one of the best courses in the world.

The officers will be trained to deal with various situations, be it lone wolf terrorist attack or suicide bombing. The course will be imparted by the Office of the Anti-Terrorism Assistance.

Sources said the US has expressed its desire to take on board two Indian officers either from the police or other law enforcing agencies for intensive 13-day training in Montross, Virginia, in December.

The MHA has asked all the police departments to nominate officers between the rank of inspector and superintendent of police for the prestigious course.

The training is designed for bomb investigators, bomb squad personnel, and for personnel directly involved in investigating explosions.

The course uses lectures, large group discussions and case studies to train participants to effectively investigate explosions and terror attack scenes. The training involves investigative techniques, crime scene management, material identification methods and evidence collection and analysis.

The topics include explosives and their effects, hazards and initial response, component recognition, equipment, crime scene security and search, documentation and forensics, among other areas of investigation.

At the end of the course, the participants sit for a practice exercise that requires them to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the course to investigate an actual situation.


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