US to deploy Gen-X destroyer to counter China

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Washington: Amidst the ongoing cold war between United states of America and a flexing China, to establish dominance over South-China Sea, the US has planned to deploy advanced weapons, including the newest stealth destroyer, near the borders of China.

During his visit to Singapore on Sunday, Carter named new weapons systems the United States plans to move to Asia as “part of its longer-term rebalance of military assets to the region,” The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday. Among the weapons is the military’s newest stealth destroyer, the Zumwalt.

The 610-foot-long Zumwalt is named after the late Admiral Elmo “Bud” Zumwalt Jr. It will have nearly 10 times more available power than its predecessors. The vessel could become the first ship carrying next-generation weapons like electromagnetic railguns, which use a strong electromagnetic pulse, rather than gunpowder, to shoot projectiles.

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Washington is stepping up its pressure on China after Beijing decided to build artificial islands in the South China Sea. China has warned that coming too close to the islands would be provocative. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying expressed concern over US plans to bolster its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region.