US-South Korea deploying ‘Strategic Assets’ to counter North


Seoul: The US and South Korea are reviewing the possibility of deploying ‘strategic’ military assets in South Korea in order to put pressure on Pyongyang, South Korean officials said Monday. “South Korea and the US are flexibly reviewing the timing of the deployment of US strategic assets with close tabs kept on the crisis situation on the Korean Peninsula,” said Defense Ministry spokesman Kim Min-seok, as quoted by local Yonhap news agency on Monday. He did not identify the assets that Washington is ready to deploy.

As the two states are struggling to find common ground, Yonhap reported military sources as saying on Monday that North Korea has deployed about 20 amphibious landing craft to the Northern Limit Line, the inter-Korean border in the Yellow Sea.

On Friday, the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un placed the country’s troops on high alert. South Korea and US forces stationed in the region, in their turn, dispatched eight combat jets which simulated the striking of enemy targets.