US Is Pakistan’s Real Enemy, Best To Build Ties With India: Hafiz


Islamabad: Declared a wanted man by both India and the United States, terror mastermind Hafiz Saeed spewed venom against India and the US, but reserved his most bitter remarks for Uncle Sam.

Calling the US Pakistan’s enemy, Saeed said it is time Pakistan shifts its focus from the US to building a relationship with India.

Taking a dig at the US for declaring a bounty on his head, Saeed said “There is a bounty worth crores on me but in the last five years US could not achieve anything out of it”.

“I am at peace when India gets worried about me or when US comes to Pakistan asking about me,” Saeed said, mocking India and Pakistan’s failed efforts to capture him.

The man behind the 26/11 Mumbai attacks didn’t mince any words in criticising the Pakistani government for failing to resolve the Kashmir issue.

“Kashmiris are laying down their lives… the problem is with those sitting in Parliament in Pakistan, who have been voted to power by you. They are the real roadblocks because they have to look the US’ way,” the terror mastermind said.

He said that people in Kashmir would not settle for anything less than freedom. “Instead of the US, you (government) should build ties with India. The US would block such an effort,” Saeed said.

Talking about Pakistan being isolated internationally, Saeed said the day Kashmir gets aazadi, India would know the pain of being lonely. Inciting people to fight for Kashmir, he said, “All parties should come together for Kashmir’s freedom. India cannot do anything. Don’t remember the US but remembers Allah,” the terror mastermind said.

Accusing the US of doing India’s bidding on putting pressure on Pakistan to not build nuclear arsenals, Saeed said, “The US is after us to reduce the size of our army, to reduce our nuclear arsenal. They are doing this at our enemy’s behest”.

Saeed dismissed the surgical strikes carried out by the Indian Army across the Line of Control as a “drama” that has exposed India’s false bravado.


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