US Moving Towards India For ‘Political Gains’: Pakistan Envoy


Washington: Pakistan felt the need to develop close ties with Russia after the “U—turn” in US policy towards India, one of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s special envoys has said and alleged that America is strengthening ties with India for “political gains”.

In a programme organised by the think tank Atlantic Council in Washington, Mushahid Hussain Syed said, “We [Pakistan] are observing a change in US diplomatic policy”.

Mr. Hussain said “every action has a reaction, and Pakistan felt the need to develop close ties with Russia after President Barack Obama’s two visits to India.

“This was the start of a new chapter in Pakistan—Russia ties,” Mr. Hussain was quoted as saying by Dawn News.

The senator added that Russia is in favour of building a working relationship with countries of the region and it has also started a dialogue process with Afghan Taliban through back-door channels.

He said the U.S. State Department had refused to give visa to then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in 2006, but when Mr. Modi was elected as Prime Minister, the U.S. changed its policy for “political gains”.

“This U—turn of U.S. policy can be traced back to the time of Bush administration, when the U.S.—India nuclear deal was signed which was against the law of non-proliferation of nuclear weapons,” said Mr. Hussain.

“Stability of Afghanistan and eradication of terrorism is a top priority of the U.S., which needs Pakistan to play a role in the peace-process. Pakistan is not only providing its assistance in the peace process but also facing damages,” the senator said.

He also said that violating Indus Waters Treaty will be an “act of war”.

“Apart from Pakistan and India, the World Bank is also a stakeholder in the treaty,” said Mr. Hussain.

Commenting on the Uri attack in Jammu and Kashmir, Husain said, “UN military observer group for India and Pakistan should investigate the Uri attack. Crossing the Line of Control to attack any target in India is not possible for any militant.”

He added that if India has any evidence or intelligence regarding the attack, it should be shared with Pakistan.

A contingent of Russian ground forces arrived in Pakistan earlier in September for the first ever joint Pak—Russian military exercise.

The two-week-long exercise is expected to continue until October 10. Around 200 military personnel of both countries will participate in the drills.

The exercises with Russian ground forces came amid rising tensions between India and Pakistan.


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