US Military Ready To Strike Syria, Waits For Trump’s Order


Jerusalem: Israeli television is quoting US military officials saying “all assets” are in place for a military strike on Syria following outrage of the chemical attack on Douma.

Fears of a military clash have spiked since the incident which killed up to 45 people including civilians in the rebel-held town. US forces attacked the Syrian regime last year following a chemical attack – launching dozens of cruise missiles from USS Porter.

Military action is feared to lead to a direct confrontation between the US and Russia, who have been backing dictator Bashar al-Assad.Thousands of Russian troops, along with warplanes and warships, remain in Syria helping the regime conclude the Syrian Civil War.

US forces also remain in Syria following their work in the fight against ISIS in the war-torn country. Warship USS Donald Cook is reported to be operating near the Middle Eastern nation following the latest tensions.

According to reports, a US military official said: “All necessary assets (ships, warplanes, and cruise missiles) are in place, armed and ready to attack Syria. “Orders from President Trump are now expected anytime.”