US journalist’s bail plea rejected by court


Startford: Barrett Brown, who was facing imprisonment have pleaded innocence before the court and his lawyers had requested the judge for his bail. However, the court has rejected his plea. Brown was charged of stealing data. As a result, he was sentenced to 100 years of imprisonment.

According to Brown, he had broken the law by revealing illegal government activities. Brown, a 33-years-old US journalist, had become a hacker who used to misuse data in disguise. He was held accused after posting a link which he hacked from Defence Intelligence Firm (DIF), Stratford.

Previous year in April he was found guilty of three charges, which included obstruction of police search, making constant internet threats and involvement in the sharing of the Stratford data.

Brown said: ‘ The government exposed me to decades of prison time for copying and pasting a link to a publicly available file that other journalists were also linking to without being prosecuted.’