US Emerges As India’s 2nd Biggest Arms Supplier


United Nations: As New Delhi diversifies its arms purchases, the US is rapidly increasing its arms sales to India, emerging over the last five years as its second biggest supplier by providing 15 per cent of its weapons imports, a study by Sipri said.

Washington increased its sales by more than five times compared to the previous five years, the authoritative Stockholm International Peace Research Institute said in its report released this week. Israel has moved up to the third spot accounting for 11 per cent of India`s imports during the 2013-17 calendar years, Sipri added.

Although Russia remained by far India`s biggest arms seller, its share of total imports has fallen. Russia had a 62 per cent share of India`s arms imports during the past five years, down from 79 per cent in 2008-12, according to the report that tracks the global arms trade.

Overall, India is the world`s biggest importer of major arms accounting for 12 per cent of the total global imports during the last five years and it increased purchases abroad by 24 per cent compared to the previous five-year period, Sipri said.