‘US Doesn’t Desire To Declare Pak Terror Sponsor’


Washington: Pakistan’s Ambassador to United States Aizaz Ahmed Chaudhry has said that Washington does not desire to declare the former a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ as the two countries want to continue their longstanding relationship.

The envoy made these remarks while speaking to Pakistani journalists at the embassy on Friday.
“A tiny minority in Washington, which keeps raising this issue of declaring Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism but the bulk of American polity, sees Pakistan as a partner in the war against terrorism,” the Dawn quoted Chaudhary as responding while answering a question.

The remarks come after a U.S. lawmaker moved a bill to the U.S. Congress to declare Pakistan state sponsor of terrorism.

Congressman Ted Poe had earlier moved a bill in the U.S. Congress for declaring Pakistan state sponsor of terrorism.
He said that it was in the interest of both the countries to forge a closer relationship.

Noting that Pakistan had eliminated almost all terrorist safe havens from FATA [Federally Administered Tribal Areas], Ambassador Chaudhary said the US lawmakers and generals, who visited the region, also appreciated this achievement.
He said that more than 90 percent of the internally displaced people returned home due to the military operation in the region.

The Pakistan envoy said the temporary closure of Pak-Afghan border was a concerted plan to combat terrorists and for stopping the cross-border attacks.

He invited Afghanistan to jointly manage Pak-Afghan border to stop cross-border attacks.
Chaudhary hoped that the recent meeting between Pakistan’s Foreign Affairs Adviser and Afghan National Security Adviser in London would lead to closer coordination between the governments of two countries.