US Delegation Team Visits Kanthi To Satisfy Interest On Fish


Kanthi: Huge amount of sea fish used to get exported from East Midnapore via Petua Port of Kanthi. A three members representative team from United States of America has visited Kanthi on Friday afternoon.

Deputy Minister of American Union Council Isabela De Detuillar and two others from the country. He has visited Petua port and met fishery department officials regarding the production and distribution of the sea fish.

It takes time distribute the fish to its destination. But what are the process behind send it safely ? Taking those process in their account, they have visited to the place to get a first hand description from the fishermen.

They asked about the steps that are being followed by the administration and fishermen to complete the entire process. Apart from these, several facet of discussion regarding scientific packaging and medicated ways to import those production.

Fishery official Surajit Bag said that, “The delegation team is scrutinising the fishery port. They will go to Odisha after that to inspect the security sides at the time of import.”