US, China Should Work As Partners, Not Rivals: XI Jinping


Beijing: Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday said that Beijing and Washington should remain partners and not rivals in order to accomplish many great things for each other and the whole world.

Jinping said, “Together, we have mapped out a blueprint for advancing China-U.S. relations. We both agree that China and the United States should remain partners, not rivals. We both agree that when we work together, we can accomplish many great things to the benefit of our two countries and the whole world.”

The Chinese leader was speaking at a dinner he hosted at the Great Hall of the People for US President Donald Trump who was in China for his maiden visit.

“With perseverance, our two great nations will definitely make new contribution to creating a better future for mankind,” he added.

Trump expressed his gratitude for the warm welcome he received from President Xi and said that this moment presents both nations with an incredible opportunity to advance peace and prosperity alongside other nations all around the world, reports news agency ANI.

“It is my hope that the proud spirits of the American and Chinese people will inspire our efforts to achieve a more just, secure, and peaceful world, a future worthy of the sacrifices of our ancestors, and the dreams of our children,” President Trump said.