Upcoming Whats App Update Could Bring Floating YouTube Windows


Washington: Whenever one of your WhatsApp contacts sends you a YouTube link, it opens the YouTube app on both iOS and Android platforms to play it.

While this is the only way apps work together with Internet services on mobile devices, it could be a problem for those who prefer to multitask in each and every minute of their life. It seems that WhatsApp has considered this first-world problem seriously and is working to get it fixed.

Yes, WhatsApp is allegedly working on an update that will open YouTube links in floating windows inside an individual chat window. So, if the user taps on a YouTube link, the video will open in a Picture-in-Picture (PiP) interface. This will be beneficial for those who are using versions of Android older that Nougat 7.0 as they don’t get to experience the multi-window mode.

It is also expected that the update will let users drag the video window around as well as resize it or view them in full screen. The window will collapse once the user opts out of the chat window.

The report by WABetaInfo says that this feature could be initially working on the iOS platform only and could be made available on the Android platform soon.