Unsuccessful Bandh Is BJP’s Moral Win: Rahul Sinha


Kolkata: The city witnessed a normal day on Monday despite the 12-hour bandh called
by Left and Congress party to protest against the Modi government at the Centre on
several issues ranging from fuel price hike to the Rafael deal.

On the normal day on Monday despite bandh, BJP leader Rahul Sinha said to
Kolkata24x7 that, “Is there anything called CPM ! I knew from before that the bandh
will be unsuccessful. That is what happened.”

বনধ ব্যর্থ, এটা বিজেপির নৈতিক জয়: রাহুল সিনহা

Sinha also said, “People do not listen to them. They do not listen to themselves
only. The people are with the central government. All policies of Modi has been
taken keeping the common people in mind. The people understand that. The common
people are with the Centre.”

How Is Kolkata Responding To Bharat Bandh?

Will the BJP consider it as a win if the bandh is not successful? To this Sinha
said, “100 percent yes. The people by going to the streets have proved that the
Centre is walking in the right path.”

Reporting By: Shekhar Dubey

Edited By: Saheli Dey