Unknown Windows Malware Affecting Over 100 Apps On Google Play

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California: Hundreds of Android apps on the official Google Play Store have discovered to be infected with an unknown Windows malware.

According to a blogpost by Palo Alto Networks, around 132 Android apps have been found to be infected with an unknown Windows malware. In the report, Palo Alto Networks traces the infected apps to a common geographical location even though the developers are unrelated.

Most of the apps are said to originate from Indonesia, since the country’s name was attached to the names of the apps.
“One common way HTML files have been infected with malicious iframes has been through file infecting viruses like Ramnit. After infecting a Windows host, these viruses search the hard drive for HTML files and append iframes to each document.

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If a developer was infected with one of these viruses, their app’s HTML files could be infected,” the report notes.