‘Unknown’ New Captain Storms Brains’ Of Bengal Saffron Brigade


Soumik Karmakar, Kolkata: Modi-Amit pair wants to recast the Bengal BJP to give it a new look. The overhauling program starts with bringing new face in the organisational responsibility.

But who will fight against lady supremo Mamata Banerjee? Who will be the new premier in Bengal BJP? The answer is still elusive. The central leadership took a speak-ti-not attitude. So the Bengal BJP brigade is also mum. Now the curiosity level has touched the sky among the political concerns.

A source of BJP said, now the dismissal of Dilip Ghosh is just a matter of interval. Dilip was in Delhi on Friday on an urgent call. Rahul Sinha and Mukul Roy made the ‘Trio-effort’ in the Delhi meeting. The central leadership of BJP has almost unveiled the fact that a devastating change is waiting for the political concerns. Soon there will an announcement in state level.

মমতার বিরুদ্ধে মোদীর নতুন সেনাপতির নাম জানতে তোলপাড় বঙ্গ-বিজেপি

Since then all the leaders have cloned their face. Several times Dilip Ghosh had tried to get contacted from Kolkata 24X7, sometime his phone was out of reach and other-time he did not take the call. On this note, Rahul Sinha was asked about it but he has dodged the question skillfully. So there’s no ‘official’ clue on this till now. Consequently, the proof of the meeting and its decision is still invalid and in a smoggy state.
The state of top leaders have embedded the workers and low level workers in a confusing settlement. They are so worried thinking about who will be their boss. As a result, the discussion beefs up the claustrophobic excitement. Everyone is asking and talking to add one more point in their list. Many call again in the office of Kolkata 24×7, saying, “You know the name. Tell us who is the next president.” Someone replied, “Tell me before the result, I have to take leave.” Because, on that day, we will have to get out for the procession. “Another state leader said, he is very worried. One has to get habituated with the work process and it would take a little longer for someone to take the responsibility.


Some people think that this change was not good for the organization before the panchayat vote. It can affect the voting process. Again many people looking forward at the party’s decision. Because, for many reasons, many are now away from Saffron politics. They are hoping to get a position so they can defeat the TMC.

Edited By: Susmita Das