Unique Celebration: Balurghat Girl Gave Treat To Street Dogs


Balurghat: Celebrating dog’s birthday naturally pretty to those who adore them. A dog, irrespective of any gender is adorable.

Since most of us consider our four-legged pals, it’s obvious that we enjoy celebrating their birthdays. Though a different story came from a Balurghat girl.

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The ‘dog lady of Balurghat’, Bidisha Roy, has chosen to dedicate her life to stray dogs. She claims to be happier with her beloved pets than with humans. All pedestrian are shocked to see when Bidisha gave treat to the all street dogs with some delicious foods.

Bidisha celebrated her 28th birthday in a unique way on Thursday. She has made Balurghat street dogs and other animal welfare association with the help of her father Swapan Roy. She told her father to arrange a cook to feed dogs. In this noble work, her friends also helped to feed them.

Bidisha preferred to feed dogs rather than to cut a cake in her birthday. Many gave thanks to Bidisha and her friends for noble deed. Swapan Roy told that his daughter’s wish was to feed the street dogs and stated that he tried his best to fulfill her wish.