Union Health Minister reviews dengue crisis in Delhi.

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New Delhi: The health minister has decided to ask the Delhi Government to take action against any overcharging by private hospital. The government has also asked to strengthen the bed capacity. The above decision has taken at a high level meeting today. This meeting is chaired by Shri J.P Nadda, union health minister and welfare. In this meeting Shri B.P Sharma, Secretary (Health and Welfare), and Shri K.B Agarwal and officials of the National-Vector Borne Diseases control Programme(NVBDCP)are also present into this meeting.

It may be recalled that preparatory activities for creating awareness and started preventing Dengue since the beginning of the February in this area. In addition to this the state have prepared some meetings, workshop etc. with public representatives.

The union health ministry is constantly monitoring with the state Government and NDMA. The treatment guideline is available at the ministry website. The ministry has also undertaken the awareness programme to control the diseases.