Uniformed Police Beaten In Salt Lake, 5 Arrested


Kolkata: Five person have been arrested on manhandling situation with on duty police officers as they asked to low down the loud music they were playing at Karunamoyee park, Salt Lake. The party was going till midnight. Two on duty police officers have been manhandled by them.

Name of the arrested are Sandip Ghosh, Supratik Ghosh, Akash Soni, Sumit Kothai, ekhar Jalan. Before puja, the puja committees have been alarmed on this note that the administration will not allow late night parties. Prohibition also issued over playing loud music.

But no rules have been followed rather the reverse scene became the most available one. Karunamoyee Park committee authority has breached the rule and played music loud. The Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI) Amal Kanrar and one constable went to the place after receiving such information.

They reached the spot and urged to stop the music. Without paying any attention to their words, they started arguing with the ASI which finally led to a manhandling situation between him and some youth of the puja committee. Suddenly the situation turned violent as they attacked the policemen.

According to the police source, it was not only Karunamoyee park, they were vigilant on every puja committee running puja and programmes. The police has issued notice several time to remind the rules and regulations in puja days.