Uniformed Army Officer At RSS Affiliated Program


Kolkata: The allegation of saffronization is impacting the army sector now. The glorious presence of the Chief of Border Security Force,K.K. Sharma in a Border Sensitization Program has initiated the criticism. The presence of the army’s IPS officer with official uniform showered with criticism for the hint of partiality.

The Central Government is the strength of the Sangha family. The Border Sensitization Mancha is a branch organization to follow the same ideology.  It has raised a question of responsibility to his job being a protector of democracy.  The questions started to hit many aspects.

সংঘের অনুষ্ঠানে উর্দিধারী সেনা অফিসারে উপস্থিতি ঘিরে বিতর্ক

It is not the end; he also gave a speech on the occasion of the program. In his speech, he gave his opinion on the border security of country. At the same time, he talked about the functioning system and the future plans of BSF. In the public meeting, state security talks have begun to raise questions about how good the country’s security is. Then BSF will be answerable to whom regarding the state security? To RSS or government? Such questions are being raised in various fields.

“The ruling Trinamool Congress will complain to the central home ministry about this issue”, Trinamool MP Derek O’Brien said. Although nothing have been said on behalf of the Border Awareness Forum. The organization’s top leadership has not opened their mouth.