Unguarded Manhole worries Park Street


Kolkata: After the record downpour in Kolkata since the last two days, the KMC is on their toes to make sure there occurs a perfect drainage of the stagnant water that has accumulated in the different parts of the city. 11655585_996444483707242_242106850_nTo make sure the static water is drained off, the corporation has set open the lids of many drains and manholes in the city. One of such drains has been left wide open in the area of Park Street. Undoubtedly, it is an act for the drainage purpose but even after the water has been cleared, the mouth of the drain has been left wide open. Such a situation is surely an instance of worry and fear. Park Street is a busy hub of Kolkata. In such a busy area, the unguarded man hole has raised the eyebrows of the passers-by as well as the locals.

Aniruddha Roy, a viewer of kolkata24x7 has sent this picture of the unguarded manhole in Park Street and has claimed that such a drain might be turn out to be dangerous for kids and elders. He added that such a situation should be brought under the notice of KMC immediately.

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