‘Undisputed’ Champion Sangram singh makes India proud


Mumbai:Sangram U. Singh from India was crowned the ‘Undisputed’ Champion on Sunday night at the WWP Common Wealth Wrestling Championship after enduring a near death situation in a battle against the Canadian wrestler, Joe Legend at the Nelson Mandela Ground in South Africa on 18th July, 2015.The ‘lion-hearted Indian warrior’, as he is popularly known in the wrestling circuits, came out of injuries for this fight after three long years and had to sign a ‘Last Man Standing’ contract in order to compete for the title. The contract meant that, in case of any unfortunate event including death during the wrestling match, there will be no owning up by the organizers.

On July 22, Sangram Singh unveiled the Championship Belt that was measured to be under the whopping 5 kg mark, with all the six nation’s flags badged on it.  This was a great moment of pride for India. He hopes that the victory will make him stronger and that his injuries don’t limit his talent in future.Talking about his victory over the Canadian, Singh said at the unveiling, “This was a remarkable moment for me and a matter of great honor for the nation that had pinned all its hopes on me.  I have put in a lot of hard work and training and it gives me pride that all these days of toiling and sweating it out during the practice sessions have finally paid off. I would like to thank my Coach, Pandit Satvirji, my family and my friends, without whom this victory would not be possible.”

With the victory, Sangram Singh becomes the first Indian to win such honors at an international level and he has plans to make India a leader in professional wrestling.