Underground Buses That Will Travel Under Cities


Washington: Elon Musk’s travel company, called Boring Company, has unveiled pictures of its futuristic vehicle – concept underground bus that will one day take to the tunnels and travel at high speeds under the cities.

In these photos, one can see minibus sort of a vehicle that appears to be made of glass enclosure and has space for ferrying seated and standing passengers.

Earlier, the Boring Company only had plans of building a network of tunnels across major cities but now, has revealed its own electric bus that will use these very underground pathways.

The first glimpse of the concept vehicle was seen in April in a video which Elon Musk had shared during his Ted Talk presentation. The bus will not be the only way to use the tunnels. Musk had said that by using a car elevator, other cars too would be able to access the tunnels.

The first demo tunnel is being dug at SpaceX parking lot. Musk wants to take his new venture to Los Angeles but whether he will be allowed permits to take it beyond that or not is yet to be seen.

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