Uncontested Win, Daydream For TMC In Birbhum


Suri: Ruling party Trinamool made an uncontested win in Birbhum Zilla Parishad. Anubrata Mondal is the hero behind such grand success. It became a matter of discussion too in national politics.

After the Calcutta High Court verdict on Tuesday, TMC’s success standing in front of a question as well as Anubrata Mondal.

TMC won the entire 42 seats in Birbhum Zilla Parishad. Oppositions clearly stated that “TMC was terrorising people from the begginning so BJP could not provide candidates.”


কেষ্টর গড়ে ধাক্কা খেল শাসকের বিনাযুদ্ধে জয়

Panchayat case in Calcutta High Court reached a point where TMC has to fight in 18 seats. So the uncontested part is no more for Trinamool. Birbhum CPM General Secretary said, they had filed e-nominations in 18 Zilla Parishad seats.

Apart from the Zilla Parishad, Trinamool almost occupied the gram panchayat and panchayat samity in Birbhum. So the win does not seem so easy for Trinamool. As CPM filed 32 nominations in panchayat samity and 735 nominations in gram panchayat.

Birbhum general secretary Manasa Hansda expressed relief and welcomed Calcutta High Court verdict. Anubrata could not get contacted after the Calcutta HC verdict.