“An Unbridgeable Distance Prevails Between Us”


After rocking millions of hearts, by several superhit romantic movies like ‘Chirodini Tumi Je Amar’ and ‘Bor Bou Khela’ the star Tollywood couple of Rahul Banerjee and Priyanka Sarkar is heading towards splitsville, according to rumours floating in the Bengali film industry.

‘আমাদের সম্পর্কের মধ্যে একটা ডিসটেন্স চলে এসেছে…’

The ups and downs of the star couple’s relationship is a hot topic in the film industry. Exploring the truth, our correspondent Manashi Saha in an exclusive interview of Priyanka, reveals the picture.

Manashi: Congratulations Priyanka as your movies have made it to the Kolkata Film festival. How does it feel?

Priyanka:  Well, many thanks Manashi. It is a great feeling to be a part of the prestigious Kolkata Film Festival. This is the first time my movie has been screened here. It feels very good, meeting new people, the crowed and after all success is always sweet.p2

Manashi: But you have expressed disappointment over the Film Festival in one of your Facebook post. Why?

Priyanka: Frankly speaking. I am disappointed with the management. The management was flawed. After screening of my film ‘Maya’ I was in the hall watching a short film made by one of my friend, suddenly a few people entered the hall and turned on the light, shouting get out it is time for the next movie. This is disgusting. I think the management should have been more careful.

Manashi: What are your recent projects?

Priyanka: There are several films in line but the movie ‘Romantic Noy’ will be released shortly. In this movie I have been casted opposite Saheb Bhattacharya.

Manashi: When can we witness the magic of Priyanka-Rahul onscreen again?p1

Priyanka: Well, there is no such plan yet. But that depends on the script. A good script can made us charm our grace once again.

Manashi: There is a rumour floating that things are not smooth, you and Rahul both agreed to end your marriage?

Priyanka: I won’t deny this totally. There is no ‘smoke without fire’. We are facing some problems right now and things are not running smoothly.

Manashi: Is this about Sandipta?

Priyanka: Absolutely not. Our bond is strong enough and no third person can create trouble between us. We are in this relationship for the last eight years. It is not that fragile.

Manashi: So what is the real reason?

Priyanka: look, reasons are many. But I think an unbridgeable distance has cropped up between us and naturally taking its toll. We are trying to fix things.

Manashi: Hope, everything will be normal again. Let’s move to another topic, How does it feel playing the character of ‘Durga’ in ‘Mahisasuramardini’?

Priyanaka: It’s just divine. It feels great to play the part of goddess Durga as I have an immense interest in mythology. The seven forms of the deity have been played in this serial and it is really good. Although I was a bit nervous about the dance, it felt great.

Manashi: Did you seek any expert opinion on the performance?

Priyanka: Well not an expert opinion exactly, but I did consult things with one of my friend, so that I can exert the best in me. I did try my best to synchronize the facial expressions and body movements during the dance. I have earlier watched  Koyel di, Swastika di performing in Mahalaya.p4

Manashi: How far has motherhood changed your life?

Priyanka: Things have changed, but in a positive way. During my off days I follow my son’s routine. It’s about timely eating, exercising, Sleeping. Overall the things have turned much better.

Manashi: Do you want your son to take acting as career option?

Priyanka: I am not in favour of imposing things. If he chooses acting, it’s ok. If he choose to be a doctor or an engineer, that too is alright. As both of us are in this field and my son watched us on TV regularly, so he is a bit inclined towards this arena. He infact mimics me often.

Manashi: What is your next project?

Priyanka: Right now there are talks going on for a movie. The shooting is likely to be started from December. Right now I can’t tell much.


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