Unable to feed her children mother set herself ablaze

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Mumbai: The crops had failed due to drought. There was no money to feed the children. Unable to feed her children two times a week, a 40 year old women committed suicide by setting herself ablaze in Ombi village of Osmanabad District. The woman named Manisha Gotkol committed suicide when her husband was out to find work. Her husband said, “We are very poor. When I went out to find work, she set herself on fire.”

One of their relatives said that they used to get very less ration. They used to get 12 Kg rice and 18 Kg wheat per month which was very less for a family of seven.

The same is the condition of the other families of the village. 628 farmers have committed in the area in the current year. In 2014 the number was 578. The suicide of Manisha has once again pointed out the miserable condition of the residents of the area.