Umpire Wants ICC to Allow Helmets


Sydney: Sydney umpire Karl Wentzel has said the pink ball and super bats designed to hit the ball hard so the International Cricket Council (ICC) to address the need for umpires to wear protective gear in order to prevent a fatality.

Wentzel is known as the “umpire who wears helmet” in Australia’s domestic circuit. He lost five teeth in 2001 when a ball hit him in the mouth. He was knocked out and required a series of operations that cost $44,000.

Last year Hillel Oscar, an Israeli umpire, died when a ball ricocheted off the stumps and struck him on the head, on Tuesday.”It was a freak accident. I moved to the left but the bowler put his hand out and the ball deflected, hitting my mouth at full speed, knocking five teeth out,” Wentzel said while he recalled his incident.

“The bats are so much stronger today, they’re much heavier, and batsmen are hitting the ball heavier. You have less time to make a decision as to which way to move. You operate on instinct but you certainly feel so much more confident wearing a helmet,” he said.