Umesh’s Ripping Delivery Breaks Maxwell’s Bat


Jharkhand: The third Test between India and Australia might not have had the same mimicking and copy of expressions from players but it did have a light moment on the second day in Ranchi. While this series have been one of the entertaining ones, most of it has been on the field.

যাদবের বলে দু’ টুকরো ম্যাক্সওয়েলের ব্যাট

On the second day, Umesh Yadav opened the bowling for India and Glenn Maxwell, the overnight batsman for Australia, was on strike to face the first ball of the day.
Umesh fired in a 140kmph delivery that broke Maxwell’s bat from the middle. Maxwell went forward for a defensive shot and the ball hit his bat right below the sponsor’s sticker. The bat broke into two pieces.

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Both Maxwell and Umesh had a small laugh about it. Maxwell, surprised by the broken bat, smiled at Umesh who gestured like a bodybuilder, showcasing his strength. Maxwell called for a new bat after the incident and the broken bat was replaced.

Maxwell later went on to score his maiden Test ton for Australia in Ranchi. This is the first time Maxwell played an innings in which he faced more than 98 deliveries.