Umar Khalid Suggests I-Day Speech Idea For ‘Modiji’


New Delhi: A day after Umar Khalid was allegedly attacked in Lutyens’s Delhi, JNU student leader on Tuesday said the real culprits behind the attack are those who “have been breeding an atmosphere of hatred, bloodlust and fear”. He stated that, “They cant scare us into silence!”He further questioned PM Modi in the tweet asking if he could guarantee the safety of those who have spoken against the BJP during its rule.

In a Facebook post, he blamed the BJP spokespersons and the media who, he said, have called him a part of “tukde tukde” gang. He shared a picture in which he is seen with journalist Gauri Lankesh, who was shot dead last September.

“Modiji, you had asked for suggestions for your I-Day speech. I have a suggestion to make – can you please state that you guarantee that there will be no attack on those who criticize your government and its many failures,” Mr Khalid said in a post on social media.

He further added, “With the repeated death threats against my life, and having seen the assassinations of one activistafter the other in the last few years, I somehow knew that someday a gun may be turned against me too.”

In his angsty statement, he also mentioned the killing of veteran journalist Gauri Lankesh who was shot dead outside her home in Bangalore allegedly for her ‘ideas’. “Dhabolkar, Kalburgi, Pansare, Gauri Lankesh…the list of assassinations has been ever-growing. But can I say that I was ready for this? Can anyone ever say that they are ready for such an eventuality for real? No,” he said in his statement.

He said even after the police has registered an offence under Section 307 and Arms Act, BJP workers were trying to suggest that the attack never happened.

Mr Khalid said the arrests made in the murder case of Gauri Lankesh exposed the hands of “Hindutva terror outfits”.

“After yesterday’s incident, what is the Delhi Police waiting for? I appeal to all democratic forces to pressurize the Delhi Police to provide me with security, as it is no longer possible for me to go anywhere anymore without security,”he concludes.