Uluberia & Noapara By-Poll: Opposition Claims Election Under ‘Didigiri’


Uluberia: A taste of old Wine in a new bottle in the bypoll of Uluberia Constituency on Monday morning.  Allegedly, the rulling party workers have stopped the oppositions from entering the booth.

BJP agents have stopped to enter 82 and 83 number ward booth by Trinamool Congress workers and agents. TMC has allegedly occupied many booths. A group of unnamed bikers are roaming around the area and manipulating common people, said BJP.

BJP candidates Anupam Mallick claimed, “There are no proper use of central company in the election area.” It is the repeatation of CPM era, he added. On the other hands, Sajda Ahmed the TMC candidate said,”BJP is afraid of the huge lose so they are spreading rumours.”

Election Commission informed, some minor allegations are there but the election process is going smoothly. Intensity of voting after the excitement of awaiting by-poll is raising different angle of the political scenario.

Last year Sultan Ahmed made a straight win with 2 lac votes. The supporters are hopeful this year it will increase in a marginal gap. If the election process is right, BJP and CPM are hopeful of their win in the by-poll. This is the last semi final before panchayet election. So the number in by-election will make a difference in rural poll. Political leaders are counting on it.