Uluberia By-Election: BJP May Choose Ishrat Jahan


Kolkata: In the ongoing Political minority game, Ishrat Jahan may be candidate for the safforn Brigade. Bengal Triple Talaq crusader Ishrat Jahan might be a candidate from Uluberia Loksobha Consitute in the forthcoming by-election.

Minority is the main strength of Uluberia and TMC’s candidate Sultan Ahmed was the MP from this center. He was the former president of Mohamedan Club. So the By-election will happen on January 29, 2018. TMC has nominated Sajda Ahmed who is the wife of late MP and Sabiruddin Molla will stand for CPM.

Here lies the question that who will stand for BJP and party is not vocal regarding this till now. After joining BJP Ishrat jahan thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi. State BJP is excited to welcome Ishrat Jahan as she strengthening the minority sector in Bengal.

After passing in Loksabha, Triple Talaq is waiting to gain the Rajyasabha approval. The state Muslim women are happy that Central Government is trying to remove this controversial custom legally.

Ishrat Jahan who was married to Murtaja from Bihar. She was mentally abused after giving birth of a girl child. Situation did not change after the second child who was a baby boy. Her husband used to stay in Abu Dhabi by profession. Suddenly Ishrat got Talaq in 2014 from her husband over phone. Her in-laws took the four children from her by force.

So, she starts her new fight against in-laws and few neiboughers who was harassing and commenting on her deliberately. In spite of informing the state government they did not respond fully. After passing the Tripple Talaq Bill she got success in her fight.

Now Ishrat Jahan of Belilius Road is a national face as she is now the leader of minority sector. All are looking forward to BJP’s decision on selecting candidates for the coming by-election.