Ultadanga Overbridge To Be Newly Built


Kolkata: The KMD has decided to newly construct the Ultadanga foot over-bridge. This old over-bridge’s condition is not good and accidents could occur any moment. Hence, the state government has decided to demolish it and build a new one.

After the Majherhat accident, the state government is worried and had set up a high-level experts committee to monitor the condition of different bridges in the city. Few days ago, the condition of the Ultadanga bridge was seen. They were not satisfied after seeing the bridge. The iron-made structure of the bridge was rusty and thus has become weak.

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Hence, it has been decided to demolish it and build a new bridge. This over-bridge was built for crossing roads. There are four ends to this bridge which could be used to go to 4 sides of Ultadanga. But after it was built, the people did not use much this bridge due to its height. There is lack of maintenance too.

The KMD has decided that one side of the new proposed bridge will have its end extended to Bidhannagar station. Hence, the passengers will be able to easily reach the station through the over bridge. The pressure of pedestrians on the road would reduce too. As per KMD, the bridge would be of the highest quality.