Ukraine To Carry Out Missile Tests Over Black Sea Dispute


Kiev: Ukraine will carry out missile tests over the Black Sea next month despite the protest from Russia, a Ukrainian military spokesman said on Wednesday.

“The drills will be held exclusively in the Ukrainian airspace over the open sea,” Roman Yurchylo, a spokesman for Ukraine’s Air Forces, told local media.

He said that medium-range anti-aircraft missiles will be tested during the drills, which will be held in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region on Dec. 1 and Dec. 2.

Separately, Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Olexandr Dublyan said that Ukraine will hold the exercises in line with the international law.

“We do not violate any international norms, including those on holding such drills,” Dublyan told a media briefing.

He didn’t rule out that the exercises will trigger a military response from Russia.

Last week, the Command of Ukraine’s Air Forces said it had issued a notice to the air carriers from Ukraine and abroad over the danger of using the airspace in certain areas of Black Sea around southern Ukraine due to the planned tests.

In response, Russia’s Federal Agency of Air Transport has protested against Ukraine’s plans to hold the missile test, saying it violates international aviation agreements and endangers the safety of international air navigation.