UK polls: Who will have the last smile??


London: The entire United Kingdom on Thursday will be undergoing one of the tightest polls for more than a century.

The electors will have the chance to vote for their desired Member of Parliament (MP). The United kingdom includes England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland is divided into 650 constituencies.

Each of the constituencies elects a single MP to represent the constituency in the House of the Commons in the Palace of Westminster in London.

The main contest of the elections is being held among the major political parties including:-

The conservative Party

The Labour Party

The liberal Democrat Party

The U.K Independence Party (UKIP)

The Green Party

The Scottish Nationalist Party

The Welsh Nationalist Party

The Democratic Unionist Party.

Sinn Fein

The Main fight is being contested among David Cameron, the current Prime Minister who is the leader of the conservatives. Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg of Liberal Democrats. Ed Miliband of the labour Party. Nicola Strugeon leads the SNP and Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP.

The Labour Party and Liberal Democrats are closest to the Democrats and most Conservatives and all of UKIP would find themselves among the Republicans. However some Conservatives would also feel at home with the Democrats. In general, the center ground in the U.S. is more right wing than in the U.K. Most of the other parties represent regional interests.