UK Parliament Briefly Locked Down Over ‘Suspicious Package’

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London: Britain’s Parliament was on Thursday briefly locked down after a member of the House of Lords received a “suspicious” envelope with white powder inside, on a day the British capital marked the 11th anniversary of terrorist bombings across its transport network.

Windows of the Palace of Westminster in central London were closed and people were locked out onto rooftop terrace as police officers investigated the “suspicious” envelope.

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“A suspicious package has been delivered to the Houses of Parliament. Officers are at the scene examining the contents of the package,” said a Scotland Yard spokesperson said.

“There have been no reports of any related injuries or illnesses at this time,” the spokesperson said. A correspondent for the ‘The Times’ was among those caught up in the lock-down and tweeted from the terrace: “Chemical incident in parliament underway for almost an hour. Investigating a white powder.”

“Emergency supplies have arrived for the stranded on the Lords terrace,” he later added. July 7 marks the 11th anniversary of the terrorist bombings across London’s transport network in 2005, which claimed 52 lives.